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Guven Co Ltd. Transport & Consultancy Solutions: Your Premier Partner in Global Collaboration and Transportation

Hello! As a Vietnam-based transportation company, we offer a wide range of services both locally and internationally. We not only provide transportation services but also extend our expertise in consultancy services and workforce management. Here are the main services we offer as Guven Co Ltd. Transport & Consultancy Solutions:

Transportation Services

Road Transportation: We transport your goods safely and swiftly, crossing borders seamlessly.

Sea Freight: Experts in sea freight transportation, a crucial part of international trade.

Air Cargo: Providing air cargo solutions for urgent and timely deliveries.

Consultancy Services

Logistics Consultancy: We offer professional consultancy services to optimize your business processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Business Development: Supporting you in strategic planning and market analysis to increase your company’s growth potential.

Customs Procedures: Our expert team guides you through local and international customs regulations.

Workforce Management and Overseas Employment

Invitation Letter Services: Assisting you in obtaining the necessary invitation letters for sending workers to your European business partners.

Employee Recruitment and Placement: Our team of experts is here to help you find, select, and place qualified and experienced workforce.

Employment Law Consultancy: Providing guidance on legal matters related to your overseas workforce

Advantages of Working with Us

  • International Collaboration: Connected to a global network, we help you manage your business processes worldwide.
  • Technological Infrastructure: Using the latest technology to enable you to manage your operations more efficiently and effectively.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction, aiming to build a long-term business relationship with you.
  • Flexible and Fast Solutions: Offering customized solutions to optimize your processes
If you wish to work with us, improve your business processes, and gain a competitive advantage globally, please contact us. Guven Co Ltd. Transport & Consultancy Solutions is here to support the success of your business!


Our company operates as a transportation company based in Vietnam. While our main service is transportation, we also specialize in providing consultancy services and facilitating the sending of workers from Vietnam to Europe by providing invitation letters to European companies

We operate in various areas such as road transportation, sea freight, and air cargo. We specialize in safely and swiftly transporting goods, cross-border sea transportation, and providing air cargo solutions for urgent deliveries

We offer professional support in logistics consultancy, business development, and customs procedures. We assist companies in optimizing their business processes, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.

Our expert team manages the process of sending workers to European companies, including obtaining the necessary invitation letters. We also provide support in employee selection, placement, and employment law matters.

Those interested in collaboration or seeking more information about our services can reach out to us using info[@] Additionally, options are available to schedule a meeting with you or request an appointment to assess specific needs.



Guvenco is a trusted partner in excellence. We provide exceptional services and solutions to empower businesses and individuals.

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